nana, na, 나나:  [expat] new yorker, korean-american, artificial redhead.

i read; i write; i create. i'm currently working on a book of interrelated short stories about suicide. i'm bilingual and bicultural, and i like to cook and bake and eat and photograph everything. i have a weird, inexplicable, totally-platonic-nothing-weird crush on jonathan franzen, and i apparently have zero qualms putting that out on the internet. i also have a big fat crush on keira knightley and kristen kish  and, apparently, a thing for the letter k.

i'm interested in the intersection of things, in Otherness and the Other, in language and multiplicity and self-annihilation, and i'm committed to creating safe spaces to have open conversations about depression and suicide. (i am also, therefore, very open about my own struggles with suicidal depression.) i have no patience or tolerance for shaming, especially body shaming, and i want to bring more attention to korean and korean-american literature. i don't know why this is starting to sound like an artist's statement, but, well, there it is.

i hate carpet.


tabasco is not hot sauce.

i once stated that i would read everything ian mcewan writes, even if solar, sweet tooth, and the children act were massive disappointments, simply because he is such a master on the prose level and because on chesil beach is that incredible except, actually, nutshell recently broke my love for him. that still does not negate my love for enduring love, atonement, and on chesil beach.

oh, and my favorite band in the world is nell. that is all you really need to know.