the list.

books by asian diasporic writers [here]

book reviews.

3 books (krys lee, chinelo okparanta, miriam toews) [here]

a life lived to remember, to forget (yiyun li) [here]

about narratives (take heart) (garrard conley) [here]

disparate entities (patty yumi cottrell, ken liu) [here]

even good things come to an end (david chang, corey lee) [here]

gender traitor, mango eater (margaret atwood) [here]

here’s to lazy sundays (kamila shamsie) [here]

korean/kor-am lit i recommend (various) [here]

life is something you need to digest (helen oyeyemi) [here]

marilynne robinson [here]

matters of the heart (moshin hamid, barbara lynch) [here]

my year reading korean/kor-am lit (various) [here]

never lose the wonderment (jeff vandermeer) [here]

sarah waters [here]

solnit, stories, and autumn (rebecca solnit) [here]

the southern reach trilogy (jeff vandermeer) [here]

unruly bodies, unruly lives (roxane gay) [here]

what about these things we see (patricia highsmith) [here]

within a forest dark (nicole krauss) [here]


thematic pieces.

annual reading recaps:

2016 [here]

2015 [here]

2014 [here]

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2011 [here]


2015 monthly reviews:

january [here]

february [here]

march [here]

april + may + june [here]

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november + december [n/a]


2014 monthly reviews:

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2016 reading the accusation:

introduction [here]

zero [here]

one [here]


2015 reading middlemarch:

part one [here]

part two [here]

part three [here]

part four [here]

part five [here]

part six [here]


[thursday recs] resisting the cheeto administration:

(01) cristina henríquez, the book of unknown americans [here]

(02) viet thanh nguyen, the refugees [here]

(03) ronni lundy, victuals [here]

(04) a case for reading (annabelle kim, tiger pelt; hildi kang, under the black umbrella) [here]

(05) hwang jung-eun, one hundred shadows; han yujoo, the impossible fairy tale; bandi, the accusation [here]

events, alphabetical by last name:

ackerman, elliott [here]

cline, emma [here]

cunningham, michael [here]

daum, meghan [01] [02]

demick, barbara [here]

enrigue, alvaro [here]

franzen, jonathan [here]

galassi, jonathan [here]

gay, roxane [here]

greenwell, garth [here]

groff, lauren [here]

ishiguro, kazuo [here]

jang jin-sung [here]

kalanithi, lucy [here]

kang, minsoo [here]

karr, mary [here]

kim, alice sola [here]

kleeman, alexandra [01] [02] [03]

lee, chang-rae [here]

lee, krys [here]

macdonald, helen [here]

mandel, emily st. john [here]

mockett, marie mutsuki [01] [02]

moore, liz [here]

morrison, toni [here]

park, patricia [here]

phillips, caryl [here]

novey, idra [here]

nguyen, viet thanh [here]

ripert, eric [here]

smith, deborah [here]

smith, patti [here]

tchou, wei [here]

tran, vu [here]

van den berg, laura [here]

wang, esmé weijun [01] [02]

yanagihara, hanya [here]

yun, jung [here]


events by topic:

2014 brooklyn book festival [here]

2015 brooklyn book festival [here]

2016 brooklyn book festival [here]

beyond lolita:  sex and sexuality in lit [here]

cherry bombe:  food fight [here]

selfish, shallow, and self-absorbed [here]