this thing i'm doing.

i'm starting a newsletter!

i've wanted to start a newsletter for a while actually, but i kept getting hung up on how to format and send it, what to write in it, etcetera.  a few weeks ago, i learned that there is this thing called tinyletter, which simplifies things considerably, so that is what i am using -- the link is here if you'd like to subscribe!

it is titled "the toilet review," and it will more or less be an extension of my instagram, content-wise.  i'll talk books, author events, and food (because what else would i talk about), and there will be no set schedule, though i'm aiming for two letters every month.  the first letter will go out this weekend, and it will feature tidbits about book events, more about passion, eric ripert, probably some top chef (season ten), books i'm reading, upcoming nyc-based events of interest, etcetera.  i'll also explain a little about why i keep naming things toilet something ...

i'd love if you'd check it out!  though there's nothing there right now, just a subscribe button, but there will be content soon!

here's the link again!  yey!