These arrive Stateside on 2010 November 24.  I’m peeing my pants in the corner over here as my brain explodes from a limitation of 10 pages in which to discuss Penguin Books and book design.  Seriously?  Tomes could be written about Penguin Books and book design.

[img from creative review.]

happy 75!

Penguin Books turned 75 this year.  Happy birthday, as-of-yet still favoured publishing house of mine.  I’m feeling a twinge of guilt for my recent love for Random House and loving these amusing little perks Penguin has released in celebration.

Also, for the 75th year, an interesting history of Penguin Books can be found here (also the source of the above-posted image).

(In tangent, penguins are still the only reason to visit zoos.)


Penguin has a long history of amazing book cover design, but the work by David Pearson indubitably tops my list.  His covers for the “Great ____” lines by Penguin are quite possibly my favourite covers of all time, but is that of any surprise?  They are clean and minimal in execution, centre heavily around typography, and make fabulous use of colour.

[img from boingboing.  more by pearson on his website and flickr.]