a year ago, now.


a year ago back home from one of my long walks around prospect park: i loved these walks, these loops i'd make around the park, and i took a lot of them last year in attempts to clear my head, get outside, and breathe. i'd watch the seasons change, wonder if i was changing as time went on or staying in the same place as i so often felt i was (and, admittedly, still feel i am), and it was an extraordinarily difficult year last year, and these long walks did a lot in keeping me alive.

right now, there's a heat wave going in LA, and it was 102 in koreatown today, so i miss all this something fierce today, the colors, the cooler temperatures, the way the world just feels different when the seasons turn. autumn brings with it crispness, newness, apples and apple cider doughnuts and the coming of winter and snow, and i'd hoped i'd be back in this by now, back east, back home, but i'm not. i'm still here, though whether that should be a i'm still here, though, is up for question.

anyway, more photos, fewer words today. more nostalgia, less ... anything else. the weekend brought with it rejection, and i've been feeling pretty numb since, but i did apply to my dream job today and query three agents, so that's something, i suppose — that counts for something.