one of my favorite scenes.

Paris:  A tragic waste of paper.
Jess:  I can’t believe you just said that.
Paris:  Well, it’s true.  The Beats’ writing was completely self-indulgent, and I have one word for Jack Kerouac:  edit.
Jess:  It was not self-indulgent.  The Beats believed in shocking people, stirring things up.
Paris:  They believed in drugs, booze, and petty crime.
Rory:  Well, then you can say that they exposed to a world that you wouldn’t have otherwise known.  Isn’t that what great writing’s all about?
Paris:  That was not great writing; that was the National Enquirer of the 50s.
Jess:  You’re cracked.
Paris:  Typical guy response:  worship Kerouac and Bukowski; God forbid he’d pick up anything by Jane Austen.
Jess:  Hey, I’ve read Jane Austen.
Paris:  You have?
Jess:  Yeah, and I think she would have liked Bukowski.
Paris:  What are you doing?
Jess:  Salt and pepper dip.  Only way to eat a fry.
Paris:  Really?
Rory:  It’s fast food gospel.
Paris:  Oh, that’s good. That’s really, really good!
Jess:  You like hot sauce?
Paris:  I don’t know; should I?
Jess:  I think it’s wise.

Gilmore Girls, 2x16, ‘There’s the Rub’

My favourite scene from the Gilmore Girls*:  book talk and fast food — it doesn’t get that much better than that.

* My definition of the Gilmore Girls consists solely of the first three seasons, which I think are rather excellent.  Unfortunately, I opine it goes downhill from there once Rory’s off at university.