[iceland] checking in.

hello from iceland! where i sit in a camper van on a campgrounds in a tiny town somewhere on the north coast. we’re just over halfway into our trip here and just over halfway around this country, and i thought i’d try to check in, say hello, hi, i haven’t disappeared, not permanently, sorry for leaving you without a goodbye.

iceland is a beautiful, magical country where the land changes within minutes, no gradual shapeshifting either, but sudden shifts in color, light, and texture. i’m obsessed with all the colors and textures here, and i’ve been taking hundreds of photos, just trying to capture the variety because, holy shit, i’m entranced. i’m such a sucker for color and texture and simply beauty, so it’s almost orgasmic, seriously, just looking around, wide-eyed, and soaking everything in.

this is a country i’ve wanted to visit for years, way before the influx of tourism; i’d had iceland earmarked as a honeymoon destination if i ever got married; and i’m thrilled to be here, driving around with my cousins in a camper van and going on random hikes and seeing so many waterfalls and listening to hamilton over and over and over again. my knees are sore, and i’m crazy bruised up and down my left side from falling (twice so far, once right by a giant waterfall), but it has been such a heady, hilarious week thus far, and we have six days to go! enjoy a few photos (or thirteen), and there will be more words and images to come!