[17BLGMS] sweating out a fever.


i love eggs. i love them made pretty much any which way. you can’t go wrong with eggs.

i’m trying to break my tic of wrecking my nails, and i’ve gone back to painting my nails in an attempt to help myself along. so far, it’s been two weeks since i’ve last torn into my nail beds, which feels pretty damn momentous. the first few days were difficult because i’d sit around, feeling extra anxious because i wanted to pick and pick and pick, but i don’t know, somehow, i’ve made it two weeks, just picking at my cuticles and at the skin around my nails, which, also, isn’t great, but i’m trying to focus on one thing at a time.

who knows when i’ll relapse, but we’re taking this one day at a time.

because i’ve been sick, i haven’t had coffee since thursday. i know — 48 hours, oh, wow, that’s so long. /sarcasm

one of my favorite things about coffee, though, is the ritual. i tend to default to either my v60 or bialetti (i’ve tried so many coffee-making methods, but those two are my favorite), and i had a bag of milk bar buzz i brought back with me from d.c. i never quite know what to expect from a new bag of coffee; i know what i tend to gravitate towards in coffee (low acidic, medium roast, notes of chocolate, caramel, peaches); and i follow my nose when picking up beans.

my nose, though, unfortunately, can’t tell me if a roast will be too acidic or too bright, and that’s often where a bag of coffee will disappoint. someone at four barrel told me that, often, coffee will taste too acidic because you’re using too much coffee to water and/or it’s been ground too finely, and, hey, maybe i should be getting a scale to do this coffee thing “properly” … but the idea of that makes me roll my eyes, too, because i don’t know, i like the calmness that’s in the ritual of making coffee, and i’m not that particular … or am i?

if you could look into the future, would you?
if you could see it, would you even want to?
i’ve got a feeling that there’s bad news coming,
but i don’t want to find it out.
-  mika, “last party”

in the evening, i watch my mum arrange flowers into a bouquet. i think she should take a flower-arranging class because she enjoys it. i think i should finally get off my ass and take a pottery class because i think i’d enjoy that.

in the evening, i make dough for potato brioche. it’ll sit in my fridge overnight, and i’ll wake up early tomorrow to punch it down, shape it, let it rise in a loaf pan. i’m excited. fresh bread is one of the best things in life.