[17BLGMS] oh, god, yup, we're doing this.

in december, vloggers will sometimes do this this called “vlogmas,” where they post a vlog every day until christmas (i think? some go all the way through the 31st). last year was a particularly bad december for me, and the fact that my favorite vlogger, claire marshall, was doing vlogmas helped get me through the month because her videos were something nice i had to look forward to everyday. (i love her.) (i keep secretly hoping i’ll bump into her in LA one day.) (idk what i’d say, but whatever, it’d still be cool.)

to mitigate some of the BLAH-ness that i know is inevitably coming my way this month, i thought about something i might do to distract myself. at first, i thought i’d do a sort of retrospective, posting one thing that stood out from 2017 every day, moving from january to december, but the idea of a retrospective strung out over a month … that didn’t sound like fun.

and so! daily blogs. blogs from the day. some of these will be hella boring, and others might be more interesting, but, hey, maybe, everything doesn’t have to be interesting. let’s celebrate the banal, the mundane, the drudgery of day jobs and adulting and life — and, hey, following that train of thought, maybe it’s fitting that we start with this, this blasted cold that has rendered me largely immobile because i’m feverish and hacking up my lungs and desperately trying to decongest my face and unplug my ears and BREATHE — all while i’ve also got a left arm rendered useless from two freaking vaccines and a left knee that’s still wounded from falling on monday.


fun times, eh?

hopefully this cold passes soon, though, so we won’t have a string of days of balled up tissues and pitiful expressions and sick-day-foods foods.

and, hey, for full disclosure — i’d love to say i’m spending my down time reading rebecca or sylvia plath’s letters — but, uh, the truth is that i’ve been revisiting some of my favorite rurouni kenshin fan fiction instead … it’s been great. no shame. >:3