how far i've come, how far i'll go.

and the call isn't out there at all
it's inside me
it's like the tide, always falling and rising
i will carry you here in my heart
you remind me
that come what may i know the way

- "i am moana (song of the ancestors)"


keeping it brief tonight because i don’t have many words to attach to this, but i made cappellacci yesterday and wanted to share photos from it because it’s the first time i made stuffed pasta and i liked the photos. i also watched the netflix adaptation of alias grace yesterday, and it’s a show that makes you think a lot about the patriarchy and power structures and how they filter down to affect us in so many ways, how we (women, POC) internalize all that crap and turn on ourselves and on each other and participate, whether unwittingly or knowingly, in reinforcing the same power structures.

i also played moana three times while cooking, and i’ve had several songs on loop today. the hair is incredible in that film; i’m still in awe of how they animated so much realistic texture into all the hair.

and those are pretty much all the words i have today. the pasta shown is cappellacci stuffed with corn, shallots, and thyme and served in a camembert sauce with poached radishes. the recipe is from the kish cookbook, and, you know, therapy is therapy, but pasta making is therapy, too.