happy 2016!


may you prosper and read great books and eat great food and drink great coffee and enjoy great company in 2016!

last year, i made three bookish resolutions:  (1) to read 75 books, (2) to read a book in korean every month, and (3) to write better reviews.  i ... kept none of those.  instead, i read 70 books, did not read a single book in korean, and failed at writing better reviews.  or at blogging regularly.  or semi-regularly.

i'll still make bookish resolutions, though, so, for 2016, my bookish resolutions are:

  1. read 75 books
  2. read a book in korean every month
  3. write better reviews (aka blog more regularly)

... >:3

i mean, if i didn't succeed last year, might as well keep trying to accomplish my resolutions this year, right?

oh, and one more:  READ. PROUST.

happy 2016, all!