hello monday! (150608)


it's been a long day, and i'm exhausted, so these shall be short and snappy in list form.

  1. i am absolutely loving oyster books.  it's convenient, beautifully designed, and easy to use, and i love it.
  2. thus far, in 2015, i've been reading more YA than i'm usually wont.  i've also been dropping more books than i'm usually wont.
  3. people are paying $100 for ARCs of purity on ebay.  i guess that's one way to know you've made it as an author.
  4. reading michael ondaatje's the english patient is like getting drunk on language.
  5. google new york is cray.
  6. i'm so behind on my monthly book recaps.  o_o
  7. i did a really quick quasi-review of jonathan galassi's muse (knopf, 2015) on instagram, though.