hello friday! (150313)

ive been thinking a lot about this space and how to utilize it, how to be regular about it instead of haphazard as ive always tended to be with blogging.  ive also found myself feeling a little restless near the end of the week because i enjoy writing here and have been having fun with my monday posts, so, for a while, i was toying with the idea of doing a second weekly post, except i wasnt sure if i wanted it to be as freeform as hello monday."

so!  friday papers!  these weekly friday posts will focus on writing, whether it’s the craft/act of writing, my own writing “process,” or querying/submitting/etetera-ing.  part of it is the simple, compulsive desire to have a record of the writing/querying/submitting process, but the greater part of it is that i’ve been thinking a lot (and talking to my illustrator friend) about creativity, the act of creating, and the motivations and struggles of querying agents and trying to get published — and it’s not that i think these thoughts are so deep and profound that they merit sharing but that, maybe, someone out there is thinking or struggling with similar things who might be able to connect.

because thats kind of at the heart of it (and of this blog in general)  wanting to feel less alone.  the thing about being in new york is that i oftentimes feel intensely alone, and, while this isnnecessarily a bad thing (because so much of my work requires solitude), i do wish i had more people to talk to about books and about writing and submitting, especially given how soul-crushing querying and submitting can oftentimes feel.  

so heres this!  this is a brief introduction post, and well kick things off properly next week, so please come back and check it out!  as of now, im thinking of giving some more background about myself and my own writing next week, but these friday posts will be pretty loosely formed like my monday posts, though theyll all relate to writing  or, really, to creating art in general, but im a writer, so ill refer to it as writing.  (:

any questions?  comments?  any other writers/artists out there?  anyone querying and submitting?  let me know!