laura van den berg with catherine lacey @ mcnally jackson!


today's event!  launch event (?) for laura van den berg's debut novel, find me.  when i first saw the event on the mcnally jackson calendar weeks ago, i immediately thought that laura van den berg and catherine lacey would make this freakishly perfect pairing ... and i was right.

  • lacey described find me as "freaky," and berg loved it
  • the core of the story was always more the personal dystopia of joy (the narrator) (who's going through life in a haze, trying not to feel).  it took a cataclysmic event to strip down her walls.
  • lacey:  "why is florida so fucked up?"  berg:  "florida transcends any sort of explanation."
    • apparently, in florida (or in berg's part of florida), it's normal for alligators to show up in your backyard.  there's a hotline you call when that happens, and the anagram for the hotline is SNAP.
  • when she thought of find me as a 2-part story, she couldn't think of it as a short story --> the architecture of the story as being pivotal
  • the biggest different between a novel and a short story --> process
    • she can work on a short story anywhere, even on the subway or in the bathroom at a party
    • couldn't do that for the novel -- she had to go away to summer residences to work on it
    • "a novel, it wants your life."
  • she doesn't save drafts.  she deletes them or edits on them.  she likes the clean start.
    • (my note/comment:  as someone who obsessively archives her drafts, this is SO WEIRD to me.  O_O)
  • "i'm drawn to books that pull from different worlds and put them in one place."