01.  i think i will do a big post of all the books i've dropped this year because i've dropped quite a few books this year.  i'm wondering if i want to get going on that post now or if i ought to wait until the end of the year because it's only the beginning of october -- i still have three months to drop more books.

02.  over the weekend, i attended two events at the new yorker festival -- toni morrison with hilton als and patti smith with david remnick -- and i was planning on writing them up as usual, but i don't think i will because, one, there's no need and, two, i'm rethinking event write-ups in general and whether or not i will continue doing them at all.  (i probably will not.)  (not that i've been very good about doing them, anyway.  there are many more events i've attended that i haven't written up here, even though i have notes.)

the guardian did a write-up of morrison's talk -- you can find it here if you're interested.  lithub also transcribed the franzen event with wyatt mason from september 26 if you're interested in that, too.  the new yorker should be posting videos of its festival events soon, so you should be able to watch the patti smith talk -- and you most definitely should if you can.  she had a great conversation with david remnick, read from m train, and did a little surprise at the end.

03.  i'm going to see keira knightley in her broadway debut in the stage adaptation of thérèse raquin tomorrow and hearing margaret atwood on friday!  yey!