hello monday! (150119)

i've been thinking about a posting schedule, about wanting to write things on a regular basis, maybe nothing "official" or themed but more casual and spur of the moment.  part of it is so i write more consistently, and another part is so i can write about books (or maybe even articles) i'm reading in the moment because the truth is that i start a lot more books than i finish (not because i start and drop books but because i have 4-5 books going at any given moment).  i thought about maybe a mid-week post on wednesday or an end-of-the-week post on friday, but i seem to have landed on a beginning-of-the-week post on monday, so here we go!  hello monday!

finished kazuo ishiguro's the buried giant (knopf, march 2015) and katie coyle's vivan apple at the end of the world (houghton mifflin harcourt, january 2015) last week, and they were two very different reads.  the buried giant (which i have been wanting to get my hands on since it was announced last may) was a surprise, not at all what i expected it to be, and i'm not quite sure how i feel about that yet.  vivian apple was a fun, breezy, but predictable read, and vivian's voice was funny and warm and earnest, and my favorite thing about it was her friendship with harp.  (we need more awesome female friendships depicted in the arts/media.)  all in all, it was a good reading week with lots of chess pie in different flavors -- started off with lemon chess on monday then had a chocolate chess on wednesday and a grapefruit chess on friday ... but then i broke the thread by getting salted caramel apple on saturday ...

longer, more in-depth reviews will come at the end of the month!  (started a dedicated book blog and, nope, still not committed to writing full, individual reviews of every book i read.  sorry.)  (not really.)  (but i will give the buried giant its own treatment because it's ishiguro.)

and now i plot ways to get my hands on purity ... september is a loooooong ways away ...

currently reading alex ross' the rest is noise (FSG, 2007) because one of my smaller reading goals for 2015 is to read more about music.  specifically classical music because it's one of my loves -- i grew up with it, was classically trained, but didn't learn that much about the history or cultural backdrop of music, so i'd like to learn more about music in the world.  thus far, the rest is noise has been a great read -- it's been fun to learn how wagner, mahler, strauss, debussy, stravinsky, ravel, etcetera are all connected, and, next, i'll be looking for titles that go into classical-/romantic-era composers because i've a giant soft spot for them!

here's to a new week!  have a good week, all!