hi! hello! it's nice to meet you!



hi! i’m na, nana, jjoongie — or maybe it’s more accurate to say that i’m known as any of those on-line because my name, actually, is anna. i write, and i read, and i cook (for funsies) in los angeles — for now. i'm an expat new yorker who's trying to figure out her way back home to brooklyn as soon as she can, and, yes, occasionally, i revert to the third-person. it's a weird tic. i also don't capitalize because i don't want to. *shrug*

i love colors and plants and food, and i kinda collect aprons, and i have a weird sense of brand loyalty that is tied to my aesthetic desires for consistency, though i am a bundle of contradictions. i have a degree in comparative literature, which gets at all the tangles and intersections of life and spends a lot of time in theory, which means i spend a lot of time trying to drag theory down from the planes of the purely intellectual to the ground.

i hate carpet.


tabasco is not hot sauce.

oh, and my favorite band in the world is nell. that is all you really need to know.

the toilet papers!

this is an experimental space where i play around with different ways of writing things that are not fiction. that’s said broadly intentionally because i’m interested in the intersection of things, how nothing exists in a vacuum but in relation to everything else, in messiness and convolutedness and ugliness. i’m interested in the contradictions that lie within us.

as such, this is not meant to be a niche space that’s specifically a “book blog” or a “food blog” or a “lifestyle blog.” on instagram, for a year or so, i tried to do exactly that, trying to stick to my realm of “bookstagram,” but, some time in 2016, i decided to screw all that and just go with the mess in my head — i like books; i like cities; i like food.

and here is where i play with all that, trying to bring together new ways of writing about literature and food and the personal all at the same time because that coexistence, the ways everything influences each other, to me, is most interesting.




as a writer and as a reader, i'm interested in the intersection of things, in Otherness and the Other, in language and multiplicity and self-annihilation, and i'm committed to creating safe spaces to have open conversations about depression and suicide. i am also, therefore, very open about my own struggles with suicidal depression because (01) talking about is the only way to dismantle it and (02) if i can't talk about these things, how can i expect anyone else to?

mental health is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, and i want my writing, whether here or in my fiction, to be a safe space for people like me, by which i mean people who live with mental illness, who've experienced shaming, who struggle with anxiety and fear and identity, with living in our own skin and being comfortable with being seen for who we are.

i also want to bring more attention to korean and korean-american literature and believe in the necessity of reading diversely and in translation. we live in dangerous times, and the only ways to protect ourselves from all the crap poisoning our world is to keep our own minds and hearts as open as we can, and stories — the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell each other, the stories we read — are a crucial means through which we are able to do that.